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They Met In Church And Now Together, Forever. Story And Photos Of Barbara & Ruky

by abujawedding@gmail.com

Saturdays are for weddings!
And today we will be sharing with you, the beautiful love story of #theBRwedding

I met Barbara January 2021, I saw her walking into the church premises with her friends, I was like damn!, who is that beautiful babe, she had this nice long braids on, I wanted to walk up to her and say hello but my cousin asked that we go find a seat before service starts.

We found a seat and few minutes later I saw Barbara again walking into the church auditorium with her friends and I was hoping she would sit close to me and you know what!!…She sat right behind me and I said to myself I must talk to her after the service ends. 20 mins to the end of service, I overheard her friend asking her to order a ride so they can leave before service ends and immediately I turned and begged them not to go yet and Barbara smiled and gave me that ‘who is this one ‘ look 😂. After service I hurriedly walked up to them and finally said hello and introduced myself to Barbara and we chatted for a few minutes , she was so graceful and funny too, we exchanged phone numbers and I asked if I asked if we could go for drinks later in the evening but she declined because she already had something planned with her friends, but I pleaded that we go for the drinks after her date with her friends because I’d be going back to America the next day and she told me to call by 4 pm to know if she’d be free and I did, she was free, her friends had cancelled. We went for drinks and we had a really good time talking and getting to know each other and after I dropped her off at home, I asked if she had a boyfriend and she said no, I went further to ask if we can keep in touch and she said yes that will be lovely.

I remember telling my friends on my way back to the airport that I have found my wife, I will come back to marry Barbara, they laughed at me and asked me to calm down o😂.

To cut the long story short, we got really close and in love with each other, we started dating in march and by June I proposed.

Bride : @_fob_barbara
Groom : @kingsolomon003

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